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Dragonstone sell a large variety of magnetic bracelets in copper, gold and silver plated, and hematite, all at the same wholesale price. We have link, bangle and wrap styles.

All the jewellery is made in house so you are sure to get a quality product for any ring you need.

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How to Avoid Drama When Planning Your Hens Night Melbourne

How to Avoid Drama When Planning Your Hens Night Melbourne

A hens night Melbourne is supposed to be a fun, relaxing and altogether enjoyable event, but the unfortunate reality is that many of these parties turn sour due to drama. This is supposed to be a special event that honors the bride-to-be in a fun way, and the last thing you want is to plan an event that will ultimately be ruined or marred by drama. While it is impossible to head off all types of drama, a little bit of planning and effort on your part can help you to avoid drama at your hens night Melbourne.

Think About the Guest List 
When you and the bride-to-be sit down to prepare the guest list, it is important to consider the personal dynamic between different people. Ideally, all guests will be able to act civilized and mature regardless of how many bad memories they have shared together. In some cases, you simply must invite two people who do not get along. In other cases, one woman may be very close to the bride-to-be, and another one may only be on the list as a potential guest. She may not have her feelings hurt if she was not invited, and she may not even be expecting an invitation. If there is a potential for drama between two people and if one of them is not a necessity on the guest list for hens night Melbourne, you may consider leaving that person off.

Separate People If Necessary

In event you have two people who do not get along and who both need to be invited to hens night Melbourne with, you may consider different ways that you can separate them. For example, rather than choosing one large party bus, you may hire two limos. You may also set up group-style party games, such as a scavenger hunt game that will separate the two people for a period of time. Remember, the longer that they are not together, the more likely they will be able to tolerate each other without causing drama.

Keep People Engaged 
Another smart idea is to keep the group engaged and having fun at your hens night Melbourne. If your plan for the event is to simply have people eating and having fun, you may want to make some more plans. Idle time at your hens night Melbourne can lead to more drama. Consider hiring live entertainment, setting up stations or engaging people with other types of activities at your hens night Melbourne. 

While these ideas can all help you to minimize drama at your hens night Melbourne, a final thought relates to alcohol. For some people, drinking alcohol may make it easier for them to spend an evening with someone who they truly dislike. For others, drinking may result in angry words and the inability to control their emotions. Consider how the people on your guest list will react with alcohol, and you may consider planning your party at least in part around that. While it can be stressful to be responsible for hosting an event with guests who do not get along, your extra efforts to plan accordingly can help everyone to have a more enjoyable time at your hens night Melbourne.

3 Things to Consider for Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

3 Things to Consider for Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Kitchen renovations Melbourne can help you to transform your current kitchen into a dream space. A kitchen is among the most visible areas of the home, and many families will entertain in this space when friends and neighbors pay them a visit. However, this is also a place where everyday living takes place. You want your kitchen to look great and to be functional from a living standpoint for your family. Therefore, consider these three things before starting your kitchen renovations Melbourne. 

The Flow of Traffic 
When completing kitchen renovations Melbourne, you will be able to improve the flow of traffic in your kitchen. It is common, for example, for homeowners to love the extra counter space that an island provides, but an island is not always ideal or the island is not always placed in the right place in the kitchen. In some cases, installing a bar-style outcropping at the perimeter of the kitchen will open up a small kitchen space. This may be more suitable for some kitchens than an island.

Storage Space
In addition, think about storage space when completing kitchen renovations Melbourne Consider how much space you currently have, and think about any small appliances or other items that are on the counters that you may want to conceal. When you give everything a home that is hidden from view, you will be able to create a more beautiful space that does not look clustered and crowded.

The Interior Design 
The interior design of your kitchen is also imperative. There are numerous factors to remember when choosing a design style, but one of the most important things to remember is that the kitchen design should enhance the rest of the home. At the same time, it should blend well with the home. This means that you generally want to avoid using a modern design in a country-style home, for example. 

Kitchen renovations Melbourne can help you to transform your space with gorgeous results, and they can also help you to improve the kitchen so that it is more functional for your needs. Keep these ideas in mind as you plan your renovation. This will help to ensure that your end result lives up to or even exceeds your expectations.